A new presentation explains what you need to know to submit a project funding proposal to CERIC. Both individuals and organizations (e.g. education, community-based, non-profit, private, etc.) are invited to submit project proposals for innovative career counselling-related research or learning and professional development.

Using Prezi to tell the story, the fast-paced presentation covers:

  • Funding priorities
  • Components of a project partnership
  • The two-stage application process

Included in the presentation are videos from current CERIC funding partners, including:

  • Crystal Dolliver, Leader & Trainer, Northern Lights Canada
  • Cathy Keates, Project Co-ordinator, University Career Centre Metrics Working Group
  • Neasa Martin & Kathy McKee, Nova Scotia Career Development Association
  • Matt Wood, Executive Director, First Work (Ontario Association of Youth Employment Centres)

CERIC engages in a range of project partnerships in its efforts to improve the economic and social wealth of Canadians through improved career counselling and career education programs.

Watch the presentation.