The latest issue of the ContactPoint Bulletin is out and takes an in-depth look at cyber and distance counselling.

Just some of the articles in this edition include:

  • The Ethics of e-Counselling by Roberta Neault and Miranda Vande Kuyt
  • Transformational Technology – Designing Interactive Online Career Development Services by Tannis Goddard
  • Career Counselling in a Digital World by Lawrence Murphy and Dawn Schell
  • Cybercounselling: Personal and Professional Reflections on an Emergent Practice by Rob Straby
  • Use of Email for Career Coaching by Amanda Harrington
  • The Evolution of Career Development at the Neil Squire Society by Alexi Thomas
  • Moving Online at CAPS: Your U of A Career Centre by Blessie Mathew
  • 140 Characters or Less: Career Exploration Using Twitter by Allison Rosemond
  • e-Mentoring for Motivation and Construction of the Student’s Occupational Identity by Anne-Marie Lefebvre

ContactPoint is a multi-sector online community for professionals in the career development field dedicated to providing interactive dialogue, networking, resources and learning to advance the profession. It is a strategic program of CERIC.

Check out the full Fall 2012 issue