If you are looking for best practice information in career development, one new and one updated literature search have now been posted to the CERIC website.

There are a total of 11 literature searches available. They feature comprehensive listings of key research and articles in career development, highlighting critical points of current knowledge.

Literature searches are of great value if you are considering submission to CERIC for project partnership funding. You can gain an overview of major work already done in your area of interest.

Other literature searches include:

  • Evaluation and Best Practices of Career Services
  • Early Intervention Career Development for Children and Adolescents
  • Career Development Theory and Career Management Models
  • Career Practitioning with Social Impact
  • Generational Conflict in the Workplace
  • Impact of Career Development
  • Impact of Social Media on Career Counselling
  • Learning Disabilities in the Workplace
  • Women in Non-Traditional Careers

Access all the literature searches.