CERIC will be introducing a brand new magazine – a resource by and for career development professionals in Canada. Called Careering, the publication will launch in January, providing reflection and analysis of the latest career counselling and development practices and theories.

The magazine will be distributed in both a print and digital format three times a year and include select articles in French. It is being published in partnership with the award-winning Market Zone Productions, based in Winnipeg.

Careering replaces the ContactPoint/OrientAction Bulletin, a newsletter from CERIC that has become a staple in the Canadian career development community over the past 15 years. As the career development field itself evolves, CERIC wanted to evolve this publication into a high-quality magazine while continuing to provide timely and relevant information to stakeholders across the career development spectrum, including guidance counsellors, employment advisors, career coaches and human resources professionals.

The magazine forms part of CERIC’s mandate to advance knowledge in the field, champion multi-sectoral communication and facilitate conversations about the value of career development.

With a national distribution of 7,000 print and 13,000 electronic copies, Careering offers excellent opportunities for advertisers to showcase themselves to an influential audience counselling Canadians about career opportunities, and education and training options.