Come and learn about ContactPoint (, the multi-sector online community for career development professionals. In this webinar, we will walk you through the new ContactPoint. Relaunched earlier this year, ContactPoint is now a social media and community site offering you all of the resources you already know, plus more. You can find and post events, review and place job postings, and join and create groups. The webinar will provide a live demonstration of the website’s features and how you can network with members of the community while making use of the website’s enhanced potential with the power of web 2.0.

Date: Friday, October 18, 12-1pm ET


About ContactPoint:

In 1997 the website was launched as an innovative virtual community dedicated to the professional development needs of career practitioners. Ever since then it has been offering free access to resources such as job listings, events and publications. The site re-launched in 2013 – harnessing the power of social media to build community, delivering updated content that reflects the changing needs of a growing field and presenting a fresh, mobile-friendly design. Join us as we explore the features of the revamped site, including:

  • A job board for positions in the career development field in Canada;
  • A directory of over 2,000 resources to enrich your work, such as professional associations, free assessment tools and promising practices;
  • An online community, where you can fill out a profile, create links with other members and take part in online discussions;
  • A wiki (in development) where you will be able to share your expertise;
  • A blog, where you can follow opinion leaders in our field;
  • Event listings, where you will hear first of the next conference, online course or workshop you will be attending;
  • And more!