The fourth episode of CERIC’s Texttalks podcast features an interview with Knightsbridge’s Sandra Boyd and Kim Spurgeon on the new rules of career management in the changing world of work. Co-leaders of Knightsbridge’s career management practice, they wrote the chapter on “Lifelong Career Management” for CERIC’s new Career Development Practice in Canada textbook.

Boyd specializes in career management, career transition and the four generations in the workplace. She is the author of The Hidden Job Market and co-author of The Flexible Thinker Guide to Extreme Career Performance. Spurgeon is a certified career coach who focuses on career management, career transition and executive coaching.

Topics covered in the podcast include:

  • How the approach to managing our careers has changed compared to 10 years ago
  • The concept of career fluidity and how it replaces the career ladder
  • How career management changes over the ages and stages of the life cycle
  • The “Five Steps” to managing any career
  • How social media has changed how we build our networks

Each 30-minute episode has an author providing insights on their chapter in the text and discussing their thoughts on the state of career development in Canada. Past episodes of the podcast have presented interviews with other career development leaders in Canada, including Phil Jarvis, Roberta Neault and Mark Franklin.

Career Development Practice in Canada: Perspectives, Principles and Professionalismis the country’s first comprehensive career development textbook. It has been designed to be a learning tool for students, a resource for educators and a reference for career practitioners in the field.

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