Patterns and Determinants of Immigrants’ Sense of Belonging to Canada and Their Source Country

This 2016 study by Statistics Canada assesses immigrants’ acculturation profiles as measured by their sense of belonging to Canada and their source country by looking at possible acculturation outcomes and determinants as well as data from the Statistics Canada’s 2013 General Social Survey.

Literature Search: Career Development Challenges Facing Immigrants

This CERIC literature search updated in November 2016 covers topics such as: Educational attainment; Post-secondary education; Bridging programs; Gender, class and race; Immigrant skills; Immigrant women; and more.

Refugee Career Jumpstart Project (RCJP)

The Refugee Career Jumpstart Project (RCJP) is a Canadian non-profit focused on streamlining the process between the arrival of Syrian refugees and their employment.

Webinar Recording: Best Practices Working with International Students

In this webinar recording from the National Career Development Association (NCDA), learn strategies of engaging employers in the benefits of hiring international students, gain tools to working across campus to address the needs of international students and develop resources to expand global opportunities for international students.

Globalization and Canada’s PSEs: Opportunities and Challenges

A new Conference Board of Canada report finds that between 2004 and 2014 the number of international enrolments expanded by 122%, compared to only 24.5% in Canadian enrolments. However, to make the most of the opportunities, Canada needs to effectively settle and integrate international students.

Immigrant Access Fund

The Immigrant Access Fund supports immigrants, including refugees, who arrive in Canada equipped with professional skills but face barriers to employment. IAF provides micro loans of up to $10,000 so they can obtain the Canadian licensing or training they need to work in their field.