The recently released documentary Redirection: Movers, Shakers and Shifters, which examines career shift, transition and occupational change in later life, now has a new Companion Guide. Along with the film, the guide is intended to be used by career development professionals in their work with clients age 50 plus. Both film and guide are part of a national Redirection research project on Work and Later Life Career Development led by Dr Suzanne Cook of York University and funded by CERIC.

Included in the Companion Guide are suggestions for how to incorporate the film into one-on-one counselling or group workshops as well as recommended discussion questions. The film is designed to stimulate dialogue and discussion about the themes and issues surrounding later life career shifts, work options and transition pathways.

The 33-minute Redirection documentary shares the stories of five people who have changed occupations at age 50 or older. They describe the issues and challenges faced during their transition into new work. The motivations for career shift vary among the individuals in the film. Some people can be forced into job change during later life; some people may want to work for personal fulfillment, whereas others may need to generate an income.

The term redirection refers to a new stage of career that is emerging. Redirection is an alternative to retirement as working life is extended, and is expected to increase. This shift is occurring due to social, demographic, economic and policy changes in Canada.

Dr Cook, the film’s executive producer, is a social gerontologist, adult educator and Adjunct Professor at York University in the Department of Sociology and the Centre for Aging Research and Education. She is also Faculty Fellow at the Trent Centre for Aging & Society at Trent University and Founder of the organization Carpe Vitam.