In a series of new videos, project partners discuss their experiences working with CERIC and provide recommendations to others seeking funding. CERIC provides funding and other support in its efforts to improve the economic and social well-being of Canadians through advancing career development knowledge and skills.

Leaders from universities, community agencies and private firms describe the project application process and the innovative resources they are creating. These projects range from research on the role of hope in career counselling to women’s maternity leave career transitions to career development for refugee youth.

CERIC invites both individuals and organizations to submit project proposals for career counselling-related research or learning. Potential partners are asked to begin by submitting a brief Letter of Intent through CERIC’s online project partnership management portal. Proposals are reviewed on an ongoing basis with priority given to proposals in accordance with gaps identified and available resources.

The following priority areas have been identified but applicants are encouraged to submit proposals based on need:

  • Career practitioning with social and economic impact
  • Early intervention to assist children’s career decision making
  • Impact of career services on policy and programs
  • New emerging career development theories and career management models
  • Entrepreneurial education and career development

CERIC is a national charitable organization that works across sectors with anyone who has a stake in career development, including practitioners, educators, employers, researchers and policymakers.