There has been much focus recently on the difference between diversity and inclusion – and where they overlap. CERIC newest literature search on the Intersection of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace focuses on the benefits, barriers and best practices in building both diverse and inclusive organizations.

Topics covered in the literature search include:

  • Workforce diversity and engagement
  • Creating a culture of inclusion at work
  • Differences between diversity and inclusion
  • Millennials’ perspectives on diversity at work
  • Measurement and evaluation of workforce diversity and inclusion
  • Best practices and programs for building diversity in the workplace

There are a total of 40 literature searches now available, including Career Development Theory and Career Management Models, Economic Benefits of Career Guidance, Parental Involvement in Career Development, Labour Market Trends, Mental Health Issues in the Workplace, and more.

Featuring comprehensive listings of key research and articles in career development, literature searches highlight critical points of current knowledge.

As a student, academic or practitioner in the field, literature searches are helpful if you are researching the latest thinking or proven best practices. They are also valuable if you are considering a submission to CERIC for project partnership funding in order to gain an overview of major work already done in your area of interest.

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