Education and Employability: Can We Close the Gap?

Released in August 2017, the CIBC report provides recommendation regarding how post-secondary institutions could improve in helping graduates getting the right set of skills to succeed in the labour market.

A Spotlight on Youth: How Does Canada Compare?

The number of young people who are not in employment, education or training (NEETs) remains elevated in many countries; the report examines the characteristics of those at risk of being NEET along with policies to help meet the challenge.

Millennials and Financial Literacy: A Global Perspective

Conducted by The George Washington University School of Business’ Global Financial Literacy
Excellence Center and released in May 2017, this report sheds light on the relationship between millennials and money.

Young People & Non-Profit Work

Released in May 2017 and published by Imagine Canada, this study examines the early career experiences of young non-profit workers in Ontario and provides significant insight into young people’s

experiences obtaining employment in non-profit organizations.

Career Pathways: Five Ways to Connect College and Careers

Published by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, this report looks at the connection between learning and earning and provides recommendations on the ways we could improve the school-to-work transition.

Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) Reference Framework for Successful Student Transitions

The CMEC Reference Framework provides a brief review of the context surrounding student transitions in Canada and articulates a scope, vision, guiding principles, goals, and outcome statements based on proven policies and practices from across Canada and around the world.

13 Ways to Modernize Youth Employment in Canada

Published by Employment and Social Development Canada, this Final Report from the Expert Panel on Youth Employment provides recommendations to improve how youth are prepared for, and transition to, the new labour market.

Canadian Millennials Social Values Study Webinar Series

This series of three webinars recorded in April 2017 explores research on Canadian Millennials Social Values, led by the Environics Institute for Survey Research. Episodes explore millenials’ diverse social values, their career and life aspirations, and their views on political and civic engagement.