How career development professionals find and interact with resources on the web today is changing. CERIC is committed to continuing to offer content online for Canada’s career professional communities, but is seeking to evolve its digital platforms to meet learning and information needs in the most modern and engaging way.

To help us validate and refine our current direction as part of a full and instructive discussion, we will be holding a series of facilitated discussions (in person and online) on November 20, 22 & 27.

These focus groups will allow us to:

  1. Deepen our understanding of how career professionals are using online platforms for learning and development
  2. Check in with career communities to test our analysis and get feedback on initial ideas
  3. Understand what approach will best attract and retain an audience for our proposed initiative

Please note that each focus group has a limited number of spots, and we are seeking a diversity of participants for each group. Unfortunately, we may not be able to accommodate everyone interested in participating during these initial consultations, but hope to engage you all as the process unfolds. For any questions, please contact