CERIC will fund the development of a new international collection, Career Theories and Models at Work: Ideas for Practice, to be edited by Dr Nancy Arthur (University of Calgary), Dr Roberta Neault (Life Strategies) and Dr Mary McMahon (The University of Queensland, Australia). The goal of the project is to provide career practitioners with training in a range of contemporary and emerging theories and models developed from different countries around the world.

Career practice in current times requires practitioners to be equipped with the latest developments in the field, in addition to the work of early foundational theorists (e.g., Holland, Super). This includes knowledge about current theories and models and strategies for applying that knowledge with clients who seek career support. Furthermore, ethical career practice requires practitioners to be up-to-date with their knowledge about theory and how theory informs practice.

The book will consist of an edited collection of approximately 30 chapters compiled in a reader-friendly format, and include contributions from multiple countries. This will serve to “internationalize” our understanding of career counselling and career management models beyond Western perspectives.

This collection will provide practitioners with a tangible resource they can use to develop theory-informed interventions. It will answer the questions: Who needs theory? Who uses it? How does it apply to practice? In addition to serving both new and seasoned practitioners, the book is also intended to be used as a text for undergraduate and graduate courses focused on career counselling.

The three co-editors have been involved in curriculum development, student instruction and practitioner training in the field of career development for more than 20 years. Dr Arthur is Professor and Associate Dean Research in the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary. She co-developed the model of Culture-Infused Counselling, which was the basis of an award-winning text. Dr Neault is President of Life Strategies and Associate Dean, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, Yorkville University. She is past Editor of the Journal of Employment Counselling, leading the “Thoughts on Theories” special issue. Dr McMahon is an Honorary Senior Lecturer, School of Education, The University of Queensland. She co-developed The Systems Theory Framework. Both Dr Arthur and Dr Neault contributed to CERIC’s Career Development Practice in Canada textbook.

The new book is expected to be available in time for the Cannexus19 National Career Development Conference in January 2019.

CERIC provides funding and other support to develop innovative career development resources. Individuals and organizations are welcome to submit project proposals for career counselling-related research or learning projects. This project aligns with one of CERIC’s five priority funding areas: New emerging career development theories and career management models.