Along its 13-year journey, CERIC has come to be known as an enabling organization, a convening body, a research hub and a knowledge mobilizer. CERIC’s 2017 Annual Report captures how that journey continued in 2017 with an emphasis on collaboration, whether it was project funding partnerships, co-development of learning opportunities, community building through supporting organizations for the Cannexus conference, or “Knowledge Champions” who contribute to the development and dissemination of our resources.

In the Annual Report, Board Chair Jennifer Browne and Executive Director Riz Ibrahim discuss the many ways that CERIC has been advancing career development in Canada in order to enhance the economic and social well-being of Canadians. Throughout the year, CERIC sought to expand and deepen the knowledge of Canada’s career development professionals as they prepare Canadians of all ages and backgrounds for the future of work and the challenges and opportunities of both today and tomorrow.

Just some of the many highlights for CERIC from the past year include:

The 2017 Annual Report takes you through the full range of key activities from the past year across CERIC’s three strategic priorities: Research & Learning, Community Hub & Collaboration and Advocacy & Profile, as well as provides an overview of financial performance in 2017 and a look ahead to other exciting projects that CERIC is working on. Special thanks is also given to CERIC’s funder The Counselling Foundation of Canada, volunteers, staff and partners.