CERIC today launches its new CareerWise website, Your source for career development news and views, in order to meet the learning needs of Canada’s career development professionals in an innovative and contemporary style, marking the end of Canada Career Month.

The new site (careerwise.ceric.ca) brings together a curated selection of relevant and thought-provoking articles on education, skills, counselling, employment and the workforce from a variety of publications. Plus, you’ll find original perspectives and timely analysis from recognized experts and community voices in the new Podium section, as well as round-ups of popular resources and events called In the Know.

The CareerWise digital platform builds on the popularity of our weekly CareerWise content curation newsletter, which now has a refreshed look and is named CareerWise Weekly, to differentiate it from the website. The new CareerWise website replaces CERIC’s ContactPoint site, a pioneer on the web that served Canada’s career development professionals for more than 20 years.

The revamp is based on extensive analysis of online user behaviour, best practices from the web’s most-read content sites, and focus group feedback and ongoing consultation with career professionals across the country over the past year. The changes reflect the evolving ways that people find and interact with information online while continuing CERIC’s commitment to offer web content for Canada’s career professional communities in a current and engaging manner.

The CareerWise site provides:

  • The one-stop shop for professionals working in career development to stay up to date with continuous learning from trusted content that advances knowledge and skills
  • Quick and easy access to the most important career development information, resources and conversations, and actionable insights to apply at work
  • A career development content hub where you can: scan the latest news; search areas of interest; see what’s trending; connect to thought leaders; and contribute your knowledge

It’s also a web destination that reflects the professionalism of the field with its polished design and aims to broaden discussions with employers, educators, policymakers and others who have a stake in career development.

Select content from ContactPoint can now be found on CERIC’s website, including Careering magazine, Glossary of Career Development and Literature Searches. ContactPoint’s French-language sister site, OrientAction, is also being reimagined but will retain its OrientAction name and launch on Thursday at orientaction.ceric.ca.