A revamped version of CERIC’s Canadian Career Development Researcher Database is now available, answering the question: “Who is doing what research in Canada”? Canada is home to many leading researchers across the country, whether at universities or within community-based settings, doing important work throughout many areas of interest within the career development field. The database brings this rich information together in one easy-to-use searchable online resource. 

There are currently 201 researchers in the database – both anglophone and francophone. It is expected that the database will be updated on an ongoing basis with new researchers added. The database can be filtered by institution, location or 50+ areas of interest, from gender to vocational psychology, and from Indigenous career development to social justice. 

How is the database of use? 

  • Researchers, students, organizations and individuals can use the database to identify potential academic and non-academic partners for future research projects. 
  • It can be used to begin to determine research already being done in Canada and how to best advance this knowledge. 
  • The database is also of value as a jumping off point for those seeking to learn about the latest research in any area of career development. 

Starting with Michael Abbott at Queen’s University in Ontario with an interest in labour markets, through to Marcelline Bengaly at Université Laval in Quebec whose research includes immigrant groups and Dave Redekopp at Life-Role Development Group in Alberta whose focus includes mental health, and concluding with Richard Young in BC who has done research into youth and transitions, you are invited to scroll through the database found at ceric.ca/researchers. 

Consistent with CERIC’s strategic priorities, it is our intent that by documenting researchers in Canada, we can continue to advance knowledge in career development theory and practice, champion collaboration among diverse interestholders and facilitate conversations between career practitioners and researchers, as well as among educators, employers and policymakers. 

In particular, anyone applying for CERIC project funding will find the database helpful to assess how to proceed in building on existing research, and whether there is potential for collaboration. Additional related resources include 60 CERIC literature searches, the Canadian Journal of Career Development as well as our list of previously funded projects. 

CERIC will work to keep the database as current and accurate as possible. Researchers are asked to contact us to be added to the database or to have their information amended. Anyone is also welcome to reach out with a recommendation of a Canadian researcher to add by emailing CERIC’s Manager of Research Initiatives Alexandra Manoliu at alexandra@ceric.ca.