In an effort to understand the state of career development in the Canadian workplace, CERIC commissioned Environics Research Group to survey 500 employers in the fall of 2013. The survey charts new territory with an in-depth look at the response of Canadian business to youth unemployment, the business view on just how real skills shortages are in this country, and insights on exactly how business is recruiting and training talent today.

Among the questions that will be answered: In a world of LinkedIn, are resumes obsolete? What is the gap between what Canadian businesses want of young workers compared to what they actually bring to the job? And what kind of support are companies providing for career development today?

File Title: Career Development in the Canadian Workplace: National Business Survey – Executive Summary
File Title: Career Development in the Canadian Workplace: National Business Survey – Final Report

You can view a complete breakdown of the survey findings in different areas of the country in our Regional Analysis.

A breakdown of the findings by rural, outside major cities and major cities is also available in our Location Analysis.

An Employer Size Analysis provides a breakdown of the survey data based on number of employees.

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On the airwaves

Interview with Sharon Ferriss, Director, Marketing, Web & New Media on insights from CERIC’s National Business Survey. Career Buzz radio show of March 26, 2014, first broadcast on CIUT 89.5 FM in Toronto and online at Produced and hosted by Mark Franklin, practice leader of CareerCycles at