On May 17 and 18, 2011 leaders from across Canada are invited to attend a new professional development program that will increase their resilience and assist them to support teams through transition and change. The program is a Learning Partnership Project funded by CERIC, the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling.

As the career development field transforms to face new demographic, economic, and employment challenges, leaders require knowledge, tools and techniques to keep their employees strong and help them to bounce back from adversity quickly. This two-day workshop draws on the latest research in positive psychology, authentic leadership, and appreciative inquiry to help leaders build on strengths and improve employee resilience.

The program was developed by Northern Lights Canada . To learn more about this program and how to qualify for leadership bursaries, please contact Crystal Dolliver at cdolliver@northernlightscanada.ca or by telephone at 1-800-361-4642. Registration for this program will begin on-line as of March 1 at www.nothernlightscanada.ca/corporate-training . Watch the CERIC website for more information on applying for a bursary to attend this training.