JANUARY 28-30, 2013

Ottawa, ON, CANADA

Theories and Models: Human Development & Life Skills Coaching

FEBRUARY 6-19, 2013

Life Strategies online course

Career Practitioner Institute

FEBRUARY 7-9, 2013

San Diego, CA, USA

CERIC Webinar: Remote Employment 3.0: Legitimate Opportunities to Work from Home

FEBRUARY 26, 2013

Anne-Marie Rolfe, Manager of Special Projects, Employment and Education Centre

National Careers Week 2013

MARCH 4-8, 2013

Everywhere in the UK

16th Annual Career Development Conference (BCCDA)

MARCH 4-5, 2013

Vancouver, BC, CANADA

CERIC Webinar: Introduction to Positive Psychology and the PERMA Well-Being Model

MARCH 5, 2013

Louisa Jewell, MAPP and Shannon Polly, MAPP

CERIC Webinar: Positive Psychology for Career Counsellors and Coaches

APRIL 2, 9, 16 & 23, 2013

Louisa Jewell, MAPP and Shannon Polly, MAPP

Opening the Doors in Asia: Sharing Career Development Practices (APCDA)

APRIL 3-5, 2013


Global Innovators 2013 Conference

APRIL 4-7, 2013


Workforce One-Stop 2013

APRIL 23-24, 2013

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Contact Conference: Exploration. Navigation. Destination.

APRIL 23-24, 2013

Saskatoon, SK, CANADA

CCPA – ACCP 2013 Conference

MAY 14-17, 2013

Halifax, NS, CANADA

10th International Conference on Occupational Stress and Health

MAY 16-19, 2013

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) – 22nd Annual Conference

MAY 22-24, 2013


Canadian Association for Supported Employment (CASE) Conference

JUNE 11-13, 2013

St. John’s, NL, CANADA