You are looking at the very first issue of Careering magazine – a resource by and for career development professionals in Canada! The magazine will provide reflection and analysis of the latest career counselling and development practices and theories. It is part of CERIC’s mandate to advance knowledge in the field, champion multi-sectoral communication and facilitate conversations about the value of career development.

It’s been a year of tremendous change here at CERIC, with the launch of this new magazine, the redesign of our ContactPoint and OrientAction websites (which will go online a few weeks after this magazine) and many new projects in the making. Therefore, when we decided on “Careers without borders” as a theme for this issue of Careering, it was very much how we feel about the future. Careers without borders can mean exploring self-employment or helping internationally trained professionals settle in Canada; it can also mean moving beyond conventional thinking, which is how we see it.

Careering replaces the ContactPoint Bulletin, a newsletter from CERIC that has become a staple in the Canadian career development community, and which celebrated its 15th anniversary this year. This prompted some discussion among our stakeholders. How should we celebrate this milestone? The answer turned out to be: by evolving it into a full-fledged professional magazine. Thank you to our CERIC Editorial Committee, our contributors, our advertisers and our publishing partner at MarketZone for making this vision a reality. I hope you enjoy reading the magazine as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Happy learning!

Catherine Ducharme

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