CERIC’s cross-country roundtable discussions are continuing this fall, heading to both the west and east coasts. In early 2013 CERIC began hosting a series of events to discuss fixing our “talent disconnect,” where individual skills and interests don’t always line up with emerging career options or what regional job markets immediately offer.

The goal of Canada’s Career Imperative is to bring business, education and government together for a conversation about how to “develop, connect and retain the best of our talent” to meet the ever-changing needs of disruptive markets.

Discussion so far has focused on the need for student to undertake earlier career exploration, the value of co-ops, internships and work experience programs whether for graduates or newcomers, and the desire for employers to be inclusive with hiring and to provide on-the-job training.

Roundtables are next taking place in:

  • Regina, October 1
  • Montreal, October 29
  • Vancouver, November 6
  • Moncton, November 7

The Canada Career Imperative is also heading to the national stage with a plenary panel of high-profile leaders at the Cannexus14 National Career Development Conference.

You can read reports from all the roundtables at ceric.ca/talentdisconnect.