Episode 2 of CERIC’s monthly Texttalks podcast with leading contributors to its new textbook features an interview with Roberta Neault. The President of Life Strategies Ltd. and an award-winning career counsellor and educator, Neault discusses her chapter on “Theoretical Foundations of Career Development.”

Some of the topics covered in the discussion include:

  • What is a career development theory and what is it intended to do
  • Why some career development practitioners don’t consider the use of theories as important to their work
  • Where career development theory is going next and what’s needed in the field

Each 30-minute episode has an author providing insights on their chapter in the text and discussing their thoughts on the state of career development in Canada.

CERIC’s new textbook, Career Development Practice in Canada: Perspectives, Principles and Professionalism, is the country’s first comprehensive career development textbook. It has been designed to be a learning tool for students, a resource for educators and a reference for career practitioners in the field.

Listen to the podcast now or download it.