With a theme of “Extending our Reach, Expanding our Impact,” the 2016 CERIC Annual Report highlights our efforts as a charitable organization to engage new audiences with our proactive research and learning partnerships. Our overarching vision for this work continues to be increasing the economic and social well-being of Canadians through career development.

In their annual report message, Board Chair Jennifer Browne and Executive Director Riz Ibrahim discuss CERIC’s 12th year of operation bringing a new focus on internally driven initiatives that meet career development needs, each advancing knowledge in the field and building bigger community partnerships:

Some major projects that CERIC funded in 2016 resulted in resources for career development professionals, educators and employers working with: women experiencing maternity leave career transition, mature Canadians redirecting to second or third careers instead of retiring, and military veterans moving into civilian employment. We also published a practitioner magazine, an academic journal and popular weekly content curation service, while offering a range of training opportunities and bringing greater awareness to the field through media outreach and events.

The annual report includes a review of key activities from the past year across CERIC’s three strategic priorities: Research & Learning, Community Hub & Collaboration and Advocacy & Profile, as well as an overview of financial performance in 2016. Special thanks is also given to CERIC’s funder The Counselling Foundation of Canada, volunteers, staff and partners.