Louisa Jewell is a speaker, author, and well-being expert who has inspired thousands of people from around the world to flourish with confidence. Jewell is the founder of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association and a graduate of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program at University of Pennsylvania. She is the author of the new book, Wire Your Brain for Confidence: The Science of Conquering Self-Doubt, which guides you from fear to courage and puts you on the fast track to flourishing in every area of your life. To download the first chapter of her book for free, visit: louisajewell.com/wireyourbrainforconfidence



1. In one sentence, describe why career development matters.

Being able to go to work every day, and make a good living doing what you love, is the absolute best gift you can give to yourself.

2. Which book are you reading right now?

Behave by Robert Sapolsky. Sapolsky, Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery at Stanford University, demystifies human behaviour in his own brilliant and often hilarious way. Absolutely fascinating.

3. What do you do to relax?

I do either one hour of hot yoga every day or CrossFit. I also love to walk the dog in a nearby forest which always relaxes me and a trip to the farmer’s market on the weekend is wonderful.

4. Name one thing you wouldn’t be able to work without?

Wi-Fi! I find I always need to access something from the cloud.

5. What activity do you usually turn to when procrastinating?

These days, it’s watching Suits on Netflix. I never get sick of watching Harvey do his thing.

6. What song do you listen to for inspiration?

“September” by Earth Wind and Fire. I find it just makes me happy and gets me dancing!

7. Which word do you overuse?


8. Who would you like to work with most?

Brad Pitt, and I would pretty well do any job he had available (just kidding). In all seriousness, I would love to work with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and find a way to introduce positive psychology-based resilience programs to assist our Indigenous communities who are really struggling with mental health issues.

9. Which talent or superpower would you like to have?

I would like to have Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth. It would make life so much easier if people would just tell me honestly what they think. I think I would get a lot more done! I also think dating would be easier too.

10. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Writing my book, Wire Your Brain for Confidence: The Science of Conquering Self-Doubt. I have been a speaker for a long time and I thought writing would come easily, but it was harder than I thought. Now that it has launched, it feels like such an amazing accomplishment. It was a lifelong goal.