CERIC is offering a free webinar Bridging Two Worlds: Practical Strategies to Support Educators Working to Meet the Needs of Newcomer Student on Wednesday, April 11, 2018 presented by the University of Winnipeg’s Dr Jan Stewart, Kirby Borgardt and Kari McCluskey.

This free webinar draws from a qualitative CERIC-supported research program conducted in three Canadian provinces that examines best practices and programs supporting the integration of refugee and newcomer students. This research, along with recommendations for teachers, counsellors and administrators, has recently been published in the guide, Bridging Two Worlds: Supporting Newcomer and Refugee Youth.

What you will learn in this free webinar:

  • Working from a trauma-informed perspective
  • Effects of trauma and interrupted learning
  • 9 core competency areas for educators of newcomer youth
  • Lesson plans to assist and build capacity in classroom teachers, counsellors and settlement workers working with refugee students
  • How to use the Blueprint for Life/Work Design to support the career development needs of refugee students

Learn more about this webinar series and register today.