The latest CERIC Survey of Career Service Professionals is a national survey that was completed by a total of 1,350 career professionals across Canada in November 2019 – our largest response yet. The findings help CERIC, and the field at large, to better understand interests and challenges among career service professionals, as well as priorities for professional development.

This comprehensive survey is only done once every four years and presents a critical opportunity to take a snapshot of the profession. It was previously run in 2011 and 2015 and provides rich data on the state of the career services community in Canada and how it has changed over time.

The 2019 survey includes:

  • Demographics, salary, career progression, competency improvement and research gaps in the career development field
  • A special section on K-12 career education in our schools, exploring what form career programs are taking and whether career is infused into curriculum
  • New questions focused on the needs, anxieties and myths that career professionals are hearing about from the students and clients they advise

Detailed results will appear in CERIC’s Careering magazine and on the CareerWise website in 2020. Webinars, roadshows and presentations at career development conferences will provide other opportunities to share the findings throughout the year.