By Lindsay Purchase, CERIC Content & Communications Editor

I have mixed feelings about engaging children in STEM. On one hand, it’s a vital exercise that builds confidence and facilitates career exploration. On the other, as someone who spent three summers working at an engineering and science camp, I hope to never again spend an afternoon assembling circuits with 25 six-year-olds.

Joking aside, the value of a STEM education has been well established. Even for those who don’t pursue one of the many career paths it opens up, exposure to these subjects can foster the development of critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills (Let’s Talk Science and Amgen Canada, 2014).

However, when we think about STEM, we must also consider the labour market and social climate of our time. How will advances in technology affect these sectors? Who is included – and excluded – from pursuing STEM opportunities?

Several articles in this issue consider the changing face of STEM in an age of rapid technological transformations. Caroline Burgess suggests people pursuing careers in STEM can ride out the turbulence by focusing on four fundamentals, while Lucie Demers argues that expectations for success in science don’t always align with reality. And don’t miss this issue’s infographic, which paints a picture of employment in the digital economy – today and in 2021.

When we talk about success in STEM, we also need to consider questions of inclusion. Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren makes the case that we’re not doing enough to engage women in STEM and explains how we can do better. Also, in our Client Side feature, scientist Leola Chow takes us through her career journey and shares how she’s trying to inspire girls to enter the field.

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