Cannexus, Canada’s largest career development conference spotlights the top 2023 career trends

Ottawa, Jan. 10, 2023 – Rainbow resumes, climate-aware careers, breadcrumbing… these are just a few of the many trends in focus at Cannexus, Canada’s largest conference examining the country’s current and emerging workforce realities. Taking place between January 23 -25, 2023 both in Ottawa and virtually, the conference will bring together more than 2,000 delegates and career development professionals to discuss these issues and innovations.  

With talks of a recession and historic labour shortages, both employers and employees are undergoing a transition and are seeking to establish new rules of work including a hybrid environment. Cannexus will explore what this all means for graduates transitioning out of school, adults who are shifting careers, the exodus of aging Boomers from the workforce and the record number of newcomers integrating into the job market.  

What: Cannexus, Canada’s Career Development Conference 

When: Monday, January 23 – Wednesday, January 25, 2023 

Where: Shaw Centre, 55 Colonel By Dr., Ottawa AND Online 

EVENT LINEUP: The full agenda for the conference is available at: 


Dr. Candy Ho, chair of the board of directors of CERIC, the organizer of Cannexus, will be at the conference in Ottawa and available – along with a national network of career development experts – to help make sense of today’s workforce and workplace trends.  

The conference’s more than 150 sessions – some in-person, some online – will cover such timely topics as: 

  • Rainbow resumes and queering careers: supporting 2SLGBTQIA+ jobseekers to address common barriers to employment 
  • “Re-entry moms” in the wake of the “she-cession”: Moms who were primary caregivers with resume gaps are prime untapped talent 
  • New collar job. Breadcrumbing. Hyperspecialization. Job embeddedness. Filter bubbles: Understanding the new vocabulary of careers  
  • Deciding if you need a new career or just a new employer. The key questions to ask to make an effective decision   
  • Student mindsets from a survey of 16,000 post-secondary students in Canada: What do young people want from their careers right now? 
  • Navigating implicit bias in the job search for underrepresented populations during recruiting and hiring  
  • New research: Hiring is the first step, but the success of new immigrants depends on how employers onboard them 
  • The career re-engagement of post-retirement age workers and the shared benefits for employers and employees 
  • Cultivating climate-aware careers that lessen the impact of ecological change, upskilling Canadians in net-zero skills and combatting eco-anxiety  

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About CERIC / Additional Information 

Toronto-based CERIC is the only charitable organization of its kind in Canada that is focused on career development education and research in order to increase the economic and social well-being of Canadians. It funds projects to develop innovative resources that build the knowledge and skills of diverse career professionals; annually hosts Cannexus, Canada’s largest bilingual career development conference; and publishes the country’s only peer-reviewed academic journal, the Canadian Journal of Career Development.  

Cannexus keynotes kick off with Dr. James Makokis, Canada’s two-spirit, diversity, Indigenous health and First Nation expert who along with his partner is a former Amazing Race Canada winner. Next up is economist, futurist and future of work expert Linda Nazareth. She is the author of the forthcoming book Working it Out: How to be Ready for the Redefined World of Work. Cannexus closes with Tareq Hadhad, the Syrian refugee and entrepreneurial success story who founded Peace by Chocolate.  

At Cannexus, the Future Skills Centre will offer a dedicated half-day of programming that explores the evolving labour market in Canada. Drawing from emerging research and pilot project insights, these special sessions that include the Government of Nova Scotia as well as Walmart will address the role of the career development sector and of employers in addressing current and future workforce needs.