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Hot Links: Conquering Indecision & Anxiety

Career Decision Wheel Created by Norman Amundson and Gray Poehnell, the Wheel is a useful tool that includes eight aspects essential to career decision making. Downloadable for free, Deirdre Pickerell’s “Work Search Strategies” chapter in Career Development Practice in Canada includes a helpful synopsis of the Wheel.

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Optimizing engagement to pivot effectively

Model offers framework to spot warning signs of disengagement and get back on track Roberta Borgen (Neault) and Deirdre Pickerell Pivoting – changing direction by turning in place – takes balance and resilience. Not all career transitions require pivots; sometimes career trajectories continue in the same direction after major or minor disruptions. Pivots are different.…


Finding the pieces, focusing on the patterns and finishing the puzzle

When using multiple assessment tools and strategies, these tips can help weave different elements into a meaningful whole Deirdre A. Pickerell When working with clients, career development practitioners (CDPs) are almost always engaged in some form of assessment. From the moment clients first seek services, and as their plans/goals evolve, CDPs assess and re-assess clients’…


Beyond Government Contracts: Diverse Work Settings for Career Management Professionals

By Deirdre Pickerell and Dr. Roberta Neault Career Management Professionals (CMPs) can often be found delivering their services within government funded community-based agencies. The mandate of these agencies is typically to support unemployed Canadians as they identify career options, develop job search skills, and strengthen their ability to maintain employment.


Spring Into a New Career

  By Deirdre A. Pickerell In keeping with the Bulletin’s theme of Spring into fresh ideas!, the goal of this article is to share results of a survey supporting the Where’s the Work? Helping Career Practitioners Explore Their Career Options project and, perhaps, inspire Canada’s Career Development Practitioners (CDPs) to consider whether now is the…