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COVID-19 and Canada’s post-secondary students

Statistics Canada surveyed students in spring 2020, finding:

  • 75% of students had all of their courses moved online.
  • 26% had some courses postponed or delayed.
  • 11% were unable to complete a credential as planned.
  • Over one-third of students had a work placement cancelled or delayed. Students studying healthcare and services were more likely to report this.

Student employment changes:

  • 49% lost job prospects
  • 48% lost job or laid off
  • 26% had hours reduced

Proportion of respondents who are “very” or “extremely” concerned about:

  • 67% having no job prospects in the near future
  • 63% effect of pandemic on grades
  • 58% loss of jobs in the future
  • 54% having to take on more student debt
  • 51% difficulty paying tuition next term
  • 505 paying for accommodations next term


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