The new issue of the Canadian Journal of Career Development (CJCD) features nine articles with a focus on schools, adolescence and young workers. Canada’s only peer-reviewed publication of multi-sectoral career-related academic research and best practices, the journal saw an increased submission rate in 2021 as research paused during the pandemic restarted.

The Fall 2021 issue of CJCD includes the following articles:

In-progress research called “Research in Motion” was also published:

Additionally, articles in the “Practitioners & Community Best Practices” category, which share new techniques, new programs and program results from the community level, were also contained in this issue:

The Canadian Journal of Career Development is a partnership between CERIC and Memorial University of Newfoundland with the support of The Counselling Foundation of Canada. CJCD is published twice a year. It is free to subscribe to the digital editions and all issues of the open-access journal dating back to 2002 are available online.