The Order of Orientation Counsellors of Quebec (OCCOQ) presented the Order’s Professional Award 2022 to Louis Cournoyer (Quebec University at Montréal), along with Professors Patricia Dionne (Sherbrooke University) and Simon Viviers (Laval University), for their coordination of the translation, revision and adaptation of CERIC’s French-language reference book Career Theories and Models at Work: Ideas for Practice, otherwise known as Théories et modèles orientés sur la carrière : des idées pour la pratique in French.  

The popular international collection brings together contemporary and emerging theories and models of career development and is intended to serve as a reference document for the practice of career development among professionals around the world. In addition to being useful to both new and experienced career counsellors, the publication can be used as a reference book for undergraduate and graduate career counselling courses.    

In awarding this recognition on November 18, the members of the jury acknowledged the importance of the efforts invested and the complexity of coordinating the French translation work, while confirming the usefulness of the book Career Theories and Models at Work: Ideas for Practice for guidance and career development professionals in all sectors of activity, as well as for those in training in this field.   

The book, which includes contributions from 60 researchers and practitioners from nine countries, contains approximately 40 chapters on the theories and models that define contemporary career development practice. Key contributors include the researchers who developed the theories presented in the book, as well as practitioners who have used them in original ways to guide their career development practice. 

Presented in a reader-friendly format, each chapter includes a Case Vignette that illustrates how a theory or model can be applied in practice, and Practice Points that summarize key takeaways for career practitioners to implement with clients. 

The book, which has received rave reviews from the Francophonie globally, is available for purchase in print or as an ebook on Amazon or Indigo. Learn more at