The Pitfalls of Chronic Job Searching

By Allison Hendriks

With unemployment in Canada at 6.1% (Statistics Canada, 2007), the lowest rate in years, jobseekers can anticipate a shorter period of unemployment. However, there are jobseekers and there are chronic jobseekers. As career professionals, we all have experience with clients, who, heedless of our advice, consistently use out of date and ineffective job search techniques. These clients often fall into using two of the typical job searching pitfalls: the newspaper and the Internet.


From Solitary Job Seeker to Best-Selling Author and International Seminar Presenter

By Jean-Marc Hachey

Career counsellors are frequently passionate communicators. The following is an account of how I transformed my own passion for providing career advice into a viable and interesting lifestyle: that of a self-published author and professional paid speaker. You too can turn your communications abilities – through courage, creativity and persistence – into a challenging but rewarding public speaking or publishing career in the wider career services industry, if you are motivated by a passion to share.


New Programs and Initiatives

By Dr. Ray Metcalfe

Common Performance Strengths of Elite Performers and the Elite Performer Selection Report

For over twenty years now, I have done research on, and consulted with Elite Performers. Recently, I completed the Elite Performer Study, a Toronto-based Research project that studied over 15,000 Elite Performers (top 5%) in their fields, in over 200 professions and vocational groups.


A Personal Business Story

By Jen Denys

“You can do it.”
“Yes you can.”

These phrases I’ve heard over and over again the last couple of years. No, I’m not talking about reading a child’s storybook aloud, although I’ve had the great pleasure of doing so on a regular basis. These positive words of encouragement are those spoken to me by my greatest supporters. If you meet me, you will likely see a confident, young business woman who genuinely enjoys helping people. While most of these characteristics have remained a steady pattern in my life, the confident part wasn’t always so.


Beyond Government Contracts: Diverse Work Settings for Career Management Professionals

By Deirdre Pickerell and Dr. Roberta Neault

Career Management Professionals (CMPs) can often be found delivering their services within government funded community-based agencies. The mandate of these agencies is typically to support unemployed Canadians as they identify career options, develop job search skills, and strengthen their ability to maintain employment.


The Career Practitioner Field: A Look at Private Consulting

By Stacey Campbell

Confucius, a prominent Chinese philosopher once stated: “If you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life”. However, what Confucius has failed to mention is that finding the job you love is easier said than done. Cultivating the right career destination or education path can be a frustrating and challenging pursuit for many individuals. Recent statistics reveal that 50% of all university students either drop out, or change their major after their first year of post-secondary education (Train, 2003). Naidoo (2005) and Chew (2004) note that Generation Y (born between 1980-2000) will be prone to many more career changes in their lifetimes compared with their predecessors (Generation X and Baby Boomers). With the recent elimination of the Ontario Academic Credit (OAC), young people are forced to make major decisions regarding their academics and careers earlier in life. Furthermore, middle-aged populations, newcomers to Canada and individuals with disabilities face complex barriers and challenges when discerning a rewarding and suitable career. I think it goes without saying that the career practitioner field is a much needed profession!


Becoming a Career Development Advisor: Biographies of Cindy Mancuso (M.Ed., c.o.) and Joëlle Grundman (B.A., Languages)

By Linda Cicuta

I have collaborated, interviewed, met, and worked with hundreds of professionals and am convinced there is at least one common factor among them all: their career paths have been experienced rather than planned. This theory also rings true for practitioners in the career advising field. The following stories are of two professionals who have pursued different paths, leading them to the same career center at McGill University.


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Canadian Events

Nova Scotia Career Development Association Annual Conference: Charting the Course — Following Your Compass, Nova Scotia Career Development Association, Dartmouth, NS. May 30-31, 2007

2007 CACEE National Conference, CACEE [Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers], Kingston, ON. June 3-6, 2007

International Personnel Management Association Canada – IPMA Canada 2007 National Training Conference: “The New Generation: New Expectations, New Opportunities”, International Personnel Management Association Canada, Toronto, ON. June 3-6, 2007

Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education (CASAE) Twenty-sixth Annual National Conference , Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education CASAE/ACEEA and Adult Education Research Conference (AERC), Halifax, NS. June 6-9, 2007

Upcoming International Events

The 2007 Leadership Development Conference: Building Your Leadership Pipeline for Business Results, The Conference Board, San Diego, CA, US. June 13-14, 2007

Change and Resistance. An International Conference on Social Transformations and Education, University of Gdansk, Gdansk, Pomorskie, Poland. June 14-17, 2007

7th Industrial and Organisational Psychology Conference/1st Asia Pacific Congress on Work and Organisational Psychology, Australian Psychological Society, Adelaide, Australia. June 28 – July 1, 2007

Employment for All – Show Me the Future – It’s Bigger Than You Think! – APSE Conference, Association for Persons in Supported Employment – APSE, Kansas City, Missouri, US. July 16-18, 2007

International Conference on Psychology in Mental Health- Journey of a Profession: Prospects and Challenges, Department of Mental Health & Social Psychology, National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Science, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. July 26-28, 2007

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