A professor once told me that to live a quiet, simple life is heroic. This stands in contrast to what we typically associate with heroism: dramatic acts of real-life bravery or Marvel superheroes fighting to save humanity. What I believe my prof was trying to tell me – to calm my career-planning anxieties – was that it takes strength to live your values.  

In this moment, I understand that statement in a new context. I see heroism all around me: in the parents trying to juggle work and childcare; in those who, in spite of illness or job loss, continue to keep pushing forward; in jobseekers taking time to reflect and develop new skills; and in the activists demanding not a return to normal, but a better, more equitable future. 

This issue of Careering, on the theme of Career Superpowers, reminds us of the many skills and attributes that can serve as powerful tools in career development. From resilience to mindfulness, storytelling to skills awareness, this issue’s topics remind us of the many ways career professionals can help clients and students become the heroes of their own career journeys. Authors provide tools to help get you and your clients through tumultuous times, and offer guidance on navigating barriers to career success, such as discrimination. (And for a touch of real-life magic, don’t miss our 10 Questions with astronaut David SaintJacques.) 

As we all continue to navigate COVID-19, it is easy to focus on the challenges. We can’t escape them. But reading this issue fills me with optimism – and I hope it does for you, too. Career development is a superpower, and we need it now, more than ever.  

As you read this issue, I encourage you to reflect. What are your own career superpowers? How do you help your clients cultivate theirs? Tag us on Twitter (@ceric_ca) or Instagram (@careerwise_ca) to share your reflections and to keep the conversation going.  

If you’re looking for more opportunities to cultivate your career superpowers, don’t miss CERIC’s upcoming Virtual Cannexus21 conference, with four days of live content and access to session recordings for a full year. Learn more about the conference, including how presenters will be exploring the timely theme of Career Development for Public Good, at cannexus.ceric.ca. 

Happy reading, and take good care.