CERIC will be launching a Media Relations Training Program later this spring to prepare and empower career development professionals to share their stories with the media and increase the visibility of the field. Offered in the form of an online course coupled with a peer-support community, the free program will be led by one of Canada’s foremost media authorities Keka DasGupta. 

This program is intended for any career development or related professional in Canada who wants to advance their career development messages and build profile in the media. This can include adding a career development perspective to employment and workforce issues in the headlines or gaining coverage for your program, project or organization. Additionally, the training will support the competency development of career professionals as they gain media relations skills. 

This program features two components: 

  1. Online “on-demand” training course: The custom course includes video lessons from DasGupta, email pitch templates and examples of real-life pitches that have landed people in the news, all with a focused lens on career development. This course takes approximately 3 hours to complete. 
  2. Live bi-monthly “Office Hours” Q&A sessions: To provide ongoing support, DasGupta will be hosting 1-hour Q&A sessions via Zoom every other month. In these value-added sessions, participants can ask questions and practice what they’ve learned as part of a peer community.  

DasGupta has worked in public relations for 24 years, with world-renowned brands such as IKEA, Nike and Disney as well as with numerous charities, not-for-profits, small businesses and independent experts. She takes the potential intimidation and overwhelm away from pitching the media to inspire and motivate participants to take immediate and sustaining action. 

This training is specifically designed to teach career development professionals how to: 

  • Identify newsworthy media opportunities – understanding when and how the media may be interested in interviewing you on conversations related to career development 
  • Successfully pitch the media with your career development story ideas and insights to “land” the news interview  
  • Follow up to help establish longer-lasting relationships with media, so they continue to call you back for insightful commentary 

CERIC is offering this program to facilitate and advance conversations on career development across Canada in the news and editorial spaces. With this training, more voices in the career community will be enabled to promote the value of career development – both for individual Canadians as well as for the economy and society more broadly.