This spring, CERIC will offer three webinar series to help career professionals in their professional development. The first webinar series will give CDPs a roadmap to support neurodiverse clients effectively. The second series will guide them to establish a trauma-informed practice. Lastly, the third one will help career development practitioners to have an inclusive approach regarding antisemitism.

Recent statistics indicate that approximately one in seven people in North America are wired to think differently under the umbrella of neurodiversity. Unfortunately, because of the invisible nature of these differences, many of the characteristics inherent to a neurodiverse diagnosis may appear to be an attitude or behavioural problem. Developing competency serving people who are wired differently is a critical skill for employment professionals all over the world.

This series will provide participants the tools and systems to not only better understand the spectrum of neurodiversity but also to work effectively with people who think differently. For leaders experiencing workforce challenges, CDPs serving diverse clients and career counsellors needing a fresh perspective, this series is not to be missed.

This webinar series will be presented in English with the option of French subtitles (available in the recordings).

Career practitioners are working with various clients, including those who might come to career services with a history of trauma – from clients who have grown up with abuse, homelessness, war or experienced psychological or physical shocks to those who experienced a job restructuring experience. This 3-part webinar series will follow a continuum of trauma-informed foundations from theory to practice and help career practitioners create a trauma-informed practice in their service-delivering settings.

The webinar series will allow career practitioners to learn and reflect on their current and future practice. Together, through shared experience and knowledge, participants will learn strategies on how to develop safe spaces that support and empower their clients. In addition, as it is equally as important to turn the lens inward to consider how the trauma stories of others could impact CDPs, participants will also learn how to respond and recognize signs of secondary traumatic stress so that they can continue their work in a sustainable way.

Paid webinars will be recorded and individual certificates of attendance will be provided to all registered participants who attend the webinars live.

Reports from Statistics Canada demonstrate an increase in hate crimes in 2021 (27%), with more hate crimes targeting religion (+67%). Although the national Jewish community constitutes only 1% of the total population, hate crimes against the Jewish community remain the second most common hate crimes reported by police after the Black population. Tragically, this type of hate continues to thrive. Yet discussions about antisemitism are often left out of diversity, equity and inclusion training.

This free series will lead conversations about antisemitism to better equip career development practitioners to work toward countering this hate and build allyship between communities. By the end of the series, career development practitioners will better understand the historical roots of antisemitism and the forms in which it takes place in their day-to-day realities and will be able to apply inclusive approaches in their practice to better support their clients and students.

CERIC’s paid webinars are now hosted via the Zoom events platform to provide more interactive learning and networking opportunities. Participants will have access to a lobby where they can interact with other participants before, between and after the sessions, as well as many interaction options during the live webinars. An FAQ answers any technical questions.

CERIC partners with associations and organizations across Canada and beyond to present webinars that offer affordable professional development. Previously, CERIC has also worked with the Association of Service Providers for Employability and Career Training BCAssociation québécoise des professionnels du développement de carrièreBC Career Development Association, Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers, Career Development Association of Alberta, Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada, Experiential and Work-Integrated Learning OntarioFirst Work, Labour Market Information CouncilNew Brunswick Career Development AssociationNova Scotia Career Development AssociationOntario Association of Career Management, Ontario School Counsellors’ Association, Ordre des conseillers et conseillères d’orientation du QuébecVocational Rehabilitation Association (Canada), and the US-based National Career Development Association.