Spring-Summer 2019: Career Assessments

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A musical approach to career assessment

The power of play

I took five popular career assessments and here’s what I learned

The role of assessment in guided career intervention    

Challenges and opportunities in qualitative career assessment

How career practitioners can assess themselves

Experiential career counselling: A holistic approach to working with clients in transition

Managing expectations about assessment results key when working with students

The role of assessment in the development of employability skills

How a lightbulb moment became a powerful narrative assessment practice

Principles in Action: Change is inevitable in career development. Fear of it shouldn’t be

Case Study: Wearing many hats to help a young client find his path

Editor’s note

Career briefs

Infographic: What’s in your career assessments toolbox?

10 Questions with Dr Chris Wood

Client Side: It’s a small world after all – reflections on a career coaching journey

The next issue of Careering magazine (Fall 2019) will be on the theme of “Green Careers.” We welcome topic proposals that encompass a range of interpretations of this theme, from emerging industries, to the intersection of climate change and career development, to discussing green careers with students in K-12, and much more. Please review our submission guidelines and send your article pitch to: lindsay@ceric.ca by June 28, 2019. Deadlines will be set for July in conjunction with writers.

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