Spring-Summer 2020: Rural Workforce Development

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Broadband in rural communities key to economic development

How to create effective online career workshops

Canada’s agriculture sector must adapt to overcome chronic labour shortages

Immigration pilot program takes aim at labour shortages in Manitoba

Public, private, and civil society sector collaboration: Essential components of Canada’s future prosperity

The future of agriculture in the United States

North American rural workforce development: Poised for growth

Context matters in rural workforce development: 7 important facts

Reimagining tomorrow’s agriculture to attract and retain youth

Cannabis legalization demands creative career services response in BC Interior

How COVID-19 is affecting rural communities across Canada

Making it work: Strategies from a rural school district’s sole counsellor

Looking to diversity to meet labour needs in Canada and the US

Principles in Action: Shattering the career path myth lowers students’ anxiety about the future

Client Side: I had my career mapped out – until a new experience opened my eyes

Infographic: COVID-19 and Canada’s post-secondary students

Career Briefs

Editor’s Note

10 Questions with David Blustein

Case Study: Employment fit and friction in a rural creative enterprise

The Fall 2020 issue of Careering will be on the theme of “Career Superpowers.” We are looking for article pitches representing a wide range of interpretations on this theme, including but not limited to: building resilience, the value of reflection in chaotic times, career management skills, leveraging an opportunities mindset, supporting employee career development, growth careers, navigating disruptors, succession planning, value of a career mindset and career mastery. We are seeking both big-picture ideas and practical strategies that are sensitive to the current moment but will continue to be relevant to readers going forward. New contributors are welcome, and can submit in English, French or both languages. Please send a brief description of your idea to Editor Lindsay Purchase, lindsay@ceric.ca, no later than June 30. Article deadlines will be set for this summer in conjunction with writers.

Views expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of CERIC. Mention of programs, services, products and initiatives is not an endorsement of these items.