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Infographic: COVID-19 and Canada’s post-secondary students

View PDF here: COVID-19 and Canada’s post-secondary students Plain text below image. COVID-19 and Canada’s post-secondary students Statistics Canada surveyed students in spring 2020, finding: 75% of students had all of their courses moved online. 26% had some courses postponed or delayed. 11% were unable to complete a credential as planned. Over one-third of students…


How COVID-19 is affecting rural communities across Canada

Travel and business restrictions related to the pandemic have hit some rural jobseekers and industries hard, but there is hope on the horizon Lindsay Purchase When Selkirk College Instructor Adela Tesarek Kincaid began working with BC communities to help them develop economic resilience plans last year, she had no way of knowing how urgently they…

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Career Briefs

CERIC to publish French edition of Career Theories and Models at Work An international team of professors and doctoral students have been working on a project to translate the popular Career Theories publication into a French edition, which will be titled Théories et modèles orientés sur la carrière : des idées pour la pratique. All…


Editor’s Note

Flexible. Innovative. Resourceful. Creative. This is how authors in this issue of Careering describe rural communities in Canada and the United States. While these attributes have always served rural areas well, they are especially valuable as we navigate the effects of COVID-19 on the economy and the workforce. At CERIC, we have also had to…


10 Questions with David Blustein

David L. Blustein is a Professor in the Department of Counseling, Developmental and Educational Psychology at Boston College. Blustein is the author of The Psychology of Working: A New Perspective for Career Development, Counseling, and Public Policy and a new book titled The Importance of Work in an Age of Uncertainty: The Eroding Experience of…

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Case Study: Employment fit and friction in a rural creative enterprise

In this recurring Careering feature, career professionals share their real-life solutions to common problems in the field John Thompson Distance is a well-known source of friction in the economic transactions between rural and urban areas, and the extent of this distance goes some way to defining what we mean by rural (Reimer & Bollman, 2010). This obviously…

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Making it work: Strategies from a rural school district’s sole counsellor

How a school counsellor in a small Texas town employs creativity, flexibility and intentionality to promote career readiness Lori Olive This article was also published in the Summer 2020 issue of the National Career Development Association’s Career Developments magazine. Oakwood, Texas, has a population of 510 residents. In this small, rural town, the Oakwood Independent School District…


Looking to diversity to meet labour needs in Canada and the US

Case studies from the US and Canada show rural communities and industries are adopting creative approaches to attract new talent Kristin Kirkpatrick and Scott Fisher This article was also published in the Summer 2020 issue of the National Career Development Association’s Career Developments magazine. Agriculture to fill talent pipelines with diversity lens To address the monumental challenge…