The Power of Assessments

by Ken Keis, MBA

True Assessments do not create results; they only document what is already true!

Our entire lives operate around measurement. Without it we simply cannot function. Think about our modern world? Without measurement, our economies and lives would literally collapse. People’s lives around the world have been transformed using this strategy of assessment


Webinars: Opening Doors to Training

by Miranda Vande Kuyt

Webinars are the answer!  I state this with confidence.

Don’t have time to go back to school? Take a webinar! Live too far away to attend training? Take a webinar! Need to reach remote clients? Host a webinar!  Want your staff to stay current with what leading career practitioners are teaching? Send them to a webinar!


Career Social Media Benefits Clients and Agencies

by Mike DeSousa

In 2007, I coined the term career social media to describe my activities in teaching job-seekers how to secure employment through the strategic use of FREE Internet-based programs, e.g.Facebook and LinkedIn, among many others. Your agency management and employment/settlement counsellors will greatly benefit from learning how to best use career social media to help your clients.

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