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Reignite your purpose with this career superpower

Help clients unlock the power of enthusiasm to galvanize self-discovery and career development Taylor Cook There is one career superpower that is independent of degrees and qualifications. It is relevant to all types of clients and can be applied at any career stage. Its utility spans industries, functions, roles and geographies. The strength of this…

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Journalling: A strategy to better navigate career transitions

Clients can respond to writing prompts, write unsent letters and make lists as a way to process emotions and explore their options Nora M. Kelly In a classic experiment on “Expressive Writing and Coping with Job Loss” documented in The Academy of Management Journal (1994), recently unemployed professionals who wrote about the thoughts and emotions…


Three books to find career courage amid chaos

Career professionals can find lessons from the Chaos Theory of Careers embedded in these inspiring works Helena Prins The COVID-19 pandemic has created career chaos in 2020. Looking through theories, principles and resources on career development, one would be hard-pressed to find information on how to coach a client through a pandemic. And yet, here…

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Mastering the power of C.H.A.O.S.

Career professionals can help clients take control of the unexpected and create conditions for impactful change Andrew Bassingthwaighte Chaos, change, loss; each of these words sparks a specific feeling, normally negative, within people. They are something we dread and are used to great effect in movies and comics to inspire fear by villains. Outside of…

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The value of a career reflection guide for clients in challenging times

This tool can transform clients’ perspective, connect them to mental health and career development supports Nada Johnson As career development professionals, it is important that we provide opportunities for clients to reflect on their career and mental health during challenging times. This can be done through the co-creation of a personal career reflection guide with…

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Cultivating a positive work culture in the midst of change

Nurturing team relationships remained a top priority as the University of Alberta Career Centre navigated a rapidly changing work context during lockdown Blessie Mathew and Amy Roy Gratton Like others around the world, March 2020 launched our workplace at the University of Alberta into drastically unfamiliar territory. Career Centre Director Blessie Mathew had to navigate…

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10 Questions with Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques

Prior to joining the Canadian Space Program, David Saint-Jacques practised family medicine in a northern Canadian village overlooking Hudson Bay. He was selected as an astronaut candidate by the Canadian Space Agency in May 2009. As a member of the international astronaut team, he has acted as capcom (the liaison between the team on the…

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Prior learning: Unlocking a little-known career superpower

With the support of career professionals, students may be able to leverage prior learning to reduce the time and cost for higher education Susan Forseille As a fan of Marvel and DC superhero stories, I have noticed superpowers often go unknown for years before a hero discovers their gifts. Once these gifts are known, there…