Listing of Educational Programs at your fingertips

CERIC has released a Directory of Educational Programs – available on-line through Contact Point . The directory provides a list of the many career counselling related programs across Canada that will be useful for individuals who want to become career counsellors, as well as those who are working in the field and want to continue their education.


Good Work! Book Launch

Good_Work_FacCERIC held a book launch on February 9th 2006 to unveil CERIC's first publication, authored by Nancy Schaefer - Good Work: Get a GREAT JOB or be your OWN BOSS: a young person's guide.

Good Work! is a partnership between CERIC and YES (Youth Employment Service). Ms. Schaefer, President of YES worked with former graduates of YES services to assemble the wealth of valuable information and advice found in this book. The guide


Hot off the Press!

“Good Work! Get a GREAT JOB or be your OWN BOSS: a young person’s guide” is a new book authored by Nancy Schaefer and published by CERIC. It’s a straightforward, practical